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Led 700W Frame Light with CMY
  • Led 700W Frame Light with CMY
  • Led 700W Frame Light with CMY
  • Led 700W Frame Light with CMY
  • Led 700W Frame Light with CMY

Led 700W Frame Light with CMY

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Input voltage / frequency: AC100V-240V, 50/60Hz.
Rated power: 950W.
Light source: Use one high-brightness and high-power 700W white LED.
Light source color temperature: 8000K/6500K, life: 20,000 hours.
Spot uniformity: 90%.
Beam angle: 5°-50°, zoom lens, linear zoom.
Control channel: 2 channel modes: 34/42 international standard DMX512 channels.
Operating mode: voice control, self-propelled, master-slave, DMX512.
Color: CMY color mixing
CTO color temperature linear adjustment, uniform and smooth CMY + CTO color mixing system (GL6: 2700K-8000K; GL6H: 2700K-6500K)
Color wheel: 6 fixed color plates + white light, semi -color effect, color film can be positioned with rainbow effect and two-way rotation.
2 gobo wheels: fixed gobo wheel: 8 fixed gobos + white color, with gobo dithering function,
Rotating gobo wheel: 6 plug-in rotating gobos + white color, with gobo shake and gobo arbitrary positioning function.
Mirror: 2 prisms,one 3-facet and one 6-facet ,prism  positive and negative free rotation, and prism positioning.
Focusing: DMX linear high-definition focusing, 2 meters to infinite sharpness adjustment.
Atomization: built-in atomizing mirror can generate soft wash effect adjustment, 0%~100% linear atomization.
Strobe: 1-25 times / sec. Ultra-high speed strobe effect, optional random strobe and pulse strobe.
Dimming: 0-100% linear dimming.
Aperture: 5%~100% smooth adjustment.
Horizontal/vertical: horizontal 540°, vertical  270°, automatic reset correction function.
The power factor PF ≥ 0.98.
Cutting wheel:a set of controllable spot chamfering system consisting of 4 chamfering blades, the entire chamfering system can be rotated by 90°.
Through the precise control of the cut sheet, any shape can be created, and the dynamic effect plate: the super dynamic simulation of the dynamic turbulent flame, the turbulent water and other dynamic effects.
Display board: LCD display, you can enter the menu address code and other settings without power on with the inside rechargeable batter