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60X15W RGBW LED City Color
60X15W Outdoor IP66 4IN1 Perfect Mix-color LED City Color
380W Beam
Sharp Beam 380w moving Head stage lighting for big events
37x15W 4 in 1 LED Wash Moving Head Light
Wedding Party stage light led moving head light 37x15w RGBW 4in1wash and pixel control
LED 400W Profile Frame Light
We have been work on this product for 5 years.Using 400 LED high brightness bulb,advanced optical system,this fixture is able to work while uniform spot make the gobo more clear.
MA2 full-size/ lighting control system/MA lighting
Major Features: - 2048 Channels; - 240 Intelligent Fixtures; - 240 Dimmer Control Channel
Waterproof 380W Beam Spot Wash Moving Head Light
Input Voltage: AC110-240V 50/60HZ Power Consumption:600W Light Source: OSRAM 371W OSRAM Life Span:1500 Hours Color: 14 colors + Open with Rainbow effect Static Gobo Wheel: 17 static gobos + blank Rotation Gobo Wheel:7 rotation gobos + blank Pris
120PCS 15W RGBW LED City Color
120PCS 15W RGBW LED City Color Outdoor Wall Washer Flood Light